• Flower Material:-Acrylic
  • LED Colour:-Single(Warm White)
  • Height:-12 Inches
  • Light Effects:-On-Off-On
  • Source:-220 V AC (6 V DC Adaptor)

Note: Price only for Tidal Wave Creeper Main Lamp, not included


Manufactured by Klasik Kreations Can be customized as per your choice of the following

  • Flower Material  :-Glass / Acrylic / Silicon / Cloth/ Metal
  • LED Colour:-Single / Double / Multiple
  • Planter Material :-Glass/Ceramic / Plastic / Metal / Earthen
  • Stones & Pebbles Colour :- Single / Multiple
  • Leaves:-As per your choice
  • Height & Width:-As per your choice
  • Light Effects:- Steady / On-off-on / Random/Fade In-Out

Choose from any of the above combinations to create your custom lights

  • Absolutely child safe
  • Can work 24×7 without heating
  • Low power consumption

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